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Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the new funding programme of the European Union for research, technological development, demonstration and innovation at European level. For the period 2014-2020 the programme has a budget of 80 million Euros. The eligible projects within H2020 face the EU societal challenges, contribute to increase European competitiveness and help to strengthen scientific excellence. Read more.


SME Instrument-Horizon 2020 is the new funding scheme within Horizon 2020 specially designed for SMEs. The scheme builds on three phases by means of grants (Phase 1: Business Plan I – Feasibility study; Phase 2: Business Plan II – Innovation and Demonstration Project; Phase 3: Support for commercialization) and is aimed at SMEs that have the ambition to grow and internationalize through an innovation project with European added value.


ERA-NET Cofund is a support and funding scheme for public-private partnerships that launch joint transnational calls. Eligible entities are those who finance and/or manage research and innovation programmes at national or regional level. Complementary actions such as networking and coordination activities among programmes from different countries are also eligible.


Eurostars 2 Eurostars 2 is a European innovation programme designed for research and innovation intensive SME. The programme supports market driven research and innovation collaborative transnational activities. For the period 2014-2020 the programme has a global budget of 1,140 million Euros and counts on the participation of 33 EUREKA countries (including the 28 EU Member States) and support from the European Union.Read more


COSME is the European Union programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs. For the period 2014-2020 the programme has a global budget of 2.3 million Euros to fund actions that promote entrepreneurship, improve SMEs’ access to finance and facilitate market access. Read more.


LIFE is the European Union programme supporting environment and nature.. As such, it co-finances projects in the European Union and several third countries. The funded projects may be led by public or private agents, entities or institutions. For the period 2014-2020 the programme has a budget of 3,456.7 million Euros, split into the Enviroment Sub-programme (with 2,592.5 million Euros) and the Climate Action Sub-programme (with 864.2 million Euros). Read more.


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a research and innovation programme aimed at improving the quality of life of older people through the use of New Technologies. The programme is financed by 20 European Union Member States, 3 Associated Countries, and the participation of the European Commission. Read more.


INTERREG V The support for European territorial cooperation is structured around three types of programmes for the financing period 2014-2020: – Cross-border co-operation (8,569 million Euros): it funds collaborative projects with the participation of entities from countries along common internal EU borders, such as cross-border projects Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) and Spain-France (POCTEFA). - Transnational co-operation (2,431 million Euros): it funds collaborative projects driven by national, regional and local entities from larger geographical areas, such as territorial co-operation in South West Europe (SUDOE). – Interregional co-operation (700 million Euros): it fosters the exchange of good practices between regions in fields such as research and innovation, energy efficiency or SME competitiveness, among others. Read more

Europe aid

Cooperation and Development (EuropeAid). EuropeAid has the objective of implementing the instruments for external aid of the European Commission that are financed by the EU’s budget and the European Development Fund in developing countries across the world, near the EU borders and beyond. The funds are allocated to projects in very diverse fields, from the integration of disadvantaged communities to the empowerment of civil organizations or local governments. Read more.


ERASMUS+ is aimed at supporting activities in the field of education, training, mobility, youth and sport. ERASMUS+ is a European Programme not limited to university education, but reaching all educational levels, from school education to adult lifelong learning. For the period 2014-2020 the programme disposes of a budget allocation of 14,700 million Euros. Read more.

Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the new European Union programme that fosters the cultural and creative sectors. With a global budget of 1,460 million Euros it funds collaborative transnational projects between cultural organizations and other entities in and outside Europe. The programme will support transnational networks, platforms of cultural entities, capacity building and training projects in the audiovisual sector, translation and promotion of literary works, the organization of film festivals and the development of fiction works, animation and videogames, among others. Read more

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