Short description of the project

The general objective of INvertebrateIT is to gather influential actors together to define a Joint Roadmap and Investment Plan across the EU Atlantic Basin to promote and exploit the value chain of production of invertebrates, such as insects, for sustainable fish feeds, competitive aquaculture and integrated waste management. This responds to the global challenges of food security, marine environmental impact and resource efficiency, and to the regional ones of EU aquaculture competitiveness, integrated management and Blue Growth accessibility, aiming to accelerate the transfer of technology towards disruptive leadership, developing industrial opportunities using invertebrates for feeds, value-added waste management, aquaculture diversification and other innovative value chains, equipping Atlantic coastal regions with strategic tools and real opportunities that are forward-looking, transversal, accessible and most adequate for growth and job creation in the area. INvertebrateIT strives to generate transnational public-private partnerships(PPPs) to seize this opportunity and to develop 3 ready-to-invest demonstration projects.

Co-funded by the EU European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

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