Short description of the project

The European project CrossEUWBA pursues the overall objective of facilitating the funding of women entrepreneurs (WE) through women business angels (WBAs) and contributing to the creation of a sustainable base of private investment in Europe. CrossEUWBA is structured around the three activity blocks:

-“Information, awareness raising and communication activities”, that will bring about a change in mindsets and even outrun the current lack of awareness on existing and new WBA networks, their funding opportunities and role models.

-“Training and mentoring activities” that shall prepare novice WBA through peer-learning and practical training as well as help WE to train pitching skills and relevant business strategies.

-“Community-building, matchmaking and networking activities” under which novice WBAs will be recruited, WE and WBAs will be effectively matched (facilitating also cross-border matching), and peer-learning among WBA networks/ clubs/associations shall be enhanced for sustainable community building.

In order to achieve this, the project pursues the following specific main objectives:

- To better understand the success factors, obstacles and challenges that women are facing to become WBAs to increase the number of WBAs in Europe, particularly in countries with low participation.

- To increase the diversity of WBAs and the number of sectors that benefit from WBA investment.

- To increase the number of ready-for investment women entrepreneurs’ projects.

- To effectively match WBAs and WE, also through cross-border investments.

- To network, build a community and contribute to promoting a favourable and sustainable environment for the emergence of WBA networks/association/clubs.

- To create at least 5 new WBA clubs/associations or networks, recruit and prepare at least 85 novice WBAs and train 200 WE.

The project brings together the expertise of 1 WBA club, 2 Chambers of Commerce and 3 business support organisations with expertise in WE from 5 European countries, namely: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Greece.

Co-funded by the European Union

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